About the Northern Future Forum 2014 

The NFF 2014 event will be held on 6-7 November in Helsinki. The prime ministers of the UK, the Nordic countries and the Baltic states will convene with the aim of sharing ideas and finding new ways of tackling the common challenges encountered in the modern northern European economies.

The Northern Future Forum (NFF) is a unique event that brings together the prime ministers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers from nine northern European countries. The discussion at NFF 2014 will focus on how to foster equality, wellbeing and competitiveness under the current economic challenges. The meeting will also include presentations and discussions on policies, ideas and innovations that have helped create jobs and improve the standard of living in the participating countries.

The first UK-Nordic-Baltic Summit was initiated by British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011. Since then, the NFF has been held in Stockholm in 2012 and in Riga in 2013. Previous meetings have focused on themes such as Technology and Innovation, Jobs, Family and Gender Equality, Women Entrepreneurship, and Green Economy. The basic concept has remained unchanged and has proven to be successful over the years. During the forum, prime ministers and experts from different sectors come together in a relaxed and open atmosphere to share their experiences of concrete projects and business opportunities.

The NFF 2014 will be hosted by the Prime Minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb, and take place in Helsinki on 6-7 November. The main themes of the 2014 forum are:

  • How to promote the creation of new, innovative businesses
  • How to ensure the competiveness of our education systems